On getting the aspirant thumb impression, it’s bimanual over by the Nadi reader at the library, because it the observation the whirls and loops of each individual is exclusive and it’s next to not possible to be replicated.

The thumb lines square measure classified into 108 sorts. The writings in palm leaf bundles square measure indexed and classifieds within the library in step with thumb impressions to facilitate straightforward looking out of the bundles.

Every thumb impression there square measure probably to be around 5 to 6 bundles; each such bundle successively containing 50 to one 100 leaves.

One explicit leaf could be that of the individual, however the method of checking out that specific leaf is grueling and time intense. The scanner should read out one statement from the primary leaf and it confirms to the individual, he can scan out the second statement to verify its truthfulness.

If this statement doesn’t hold true for the individual, the reader passes on ensuing leaf, discarding the previous one. it thus are going to be evident that the reader will ought to proceed looking out leaf once leaf, bundle once bundle to trace out the one leaf during which all the particulars regarding the individual properly seem.

To expedite this method, the aspirant seeker should extend his full cooperation and support as a result of this method could take weeks or months.

These leads to the tracing out of not solely the index leaf however additionally the primary leaf of the individual additionally known as General Kandam.

The final Kandam can furnish transient predictions adore the twelve homes of the individual’s birth chart. It elaborated predictions of any explicit facet of one’s life square measure needed; they’ll be listened from the remaining eleven leaves of that individual’s Horoscope.

For the predictions to come back true, Rishi Agasthiya insists that the individual be freed from any previous birth sins. He thus suggests and specifies the performance of sure Parihars remedial procedures to wipe off the most extent any such balance of sins.

If these remedies square measure performed with full involvement and with none deviation, he assures the happening of the events expected by him. These remedial procedures square measure to be found in separate chapters known as Shanthi and Deekasha.

The taken in locating the proper index and afterwards the predictions, will generally span across months.

After few makes an attempt, looking out these index volumes if the native doesn’t realize his or her index page it should be over that either the index is lost or he/she is destined to seek out it at later stage.