Naadi Astrology


How many problems does a man confront in his lifetime? Those who are afraid of facing the problems, face only obstacles in their lives. On the contrary, those who face the problems bravely and want to find solutions to them, undertake efforts to resolve them.

For those who earn to find such solutions, who can show the PATH and how?

This is where we understand the greatness of our Saints and Sages. Saints and Sages are those who were able foresee the events that are to take place in the millenniums to come, the problems that would confront humanity and the individuals.

They knew the enormous problems that would be collectively faced by the humanity as well as the life, the problems and solutions thereof for all individuals. The Saints and Sages by virtue of their great penance (tapas) understood all the three phases of Time – the Past, Present, and the Future. They have let the future generations also know about them through their disciples.

They have recorded on the palm-leaves their findings about the humanity and the individuals. With the help of these palm-leaves, solutions to all the problems assailing the humanity can be found. Seeing the palm-leaves is referred to as seeing (seeking) the Naadi. Naadi means Palm-leaf. The word Naadi itself is a beautiful word. Everything is included in the Naadi. Whether it is the diseases afflicting the individual or the problems that confront the individual, throughout the ages they have been solved with the help of Naadi.

If the Physician studies the ‘pulse’ (Naadi) of the individual and diagnoses the disease afflicting the individual and undertakes to give proper treatment to relieve him of the sufferings due the diseases,

Then, Naadi Astrologer is the one who searches for the suitable palm-leaf for the individual affected by problems and suggests suitable remedies to relieve him of his sufferings.

The people who have been doing both these great services to individuals and humanity, are referred to as Valluvars, “People whose reputation is sky-high” and renowned in both the fields.

The Valluvar community has been dispensing both medicines for the disease and solutions for the problems of the individuals, for ages, through Naadi Astrology. There is plenty of historical evidence for the same.