A horoscope in particular is well calculated and arrived at individually for us the mortals by the very creator Brahma righteo.ygly and without any prejudice whatsoever, just in accordance with our good and bad deeds and the resultant blessing or curse thereof in our previous life.

He (Brahma)has ordained, fixed and determined each person’s horoscope according to his fate and past life and when astrologically well-versed elders scrutinize all the aspects of his horoscope and tell him(the consultant) that something good is in the offing in his life, his heart becomes immensely happy and if they(the elders)find out and say that something bad-some disaster is likely to occur in his life-he becomes upset and very sad and wants to know as to what he should do by way of “ SHANTHI PARIHARAM”-for taking remedial steps and making restitution for his betterment as per “Dharma Sasthra”to tide over/ward of all such forth-coming, anticipated calamities/problems in one’s life and be relieved of them and be benefited.

For this very purpose of guiding and helping the human beings to know in advance and escape probable disasters and distress in their lives, the learned elders have prescribed making and studying of the horoscope of individuals. (Horos in Greek means” scope” means “to see” ,horoscope means studying and finding one’s good or bad time well in advance from his birth chart).

(This is a rough and elaborate translation of one of the verse in the Book titled “JAADH AKAAL AN KAARAM”.)

-Hero one may remember the saying in Urdu

-“Dhardh detthaa hai-Dhawaa bhee dettaa hai”

-“He (God) gives pain and gives medicine as well”.)



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