History of Naadi Astrology

There are many types of Naadi Astrology: Sukhar Naadi, Agasthyar Naadi, Bhrigu Naadi, Kakabhujandar Naadi, Sivavakkiyar Naadi, Nandi Naadi, Vasishtar Naadi, Kausika Naadi, Sivar Naadi, Thirumular Naadi, Sukharmarkandeyar Naadi, etc. The source of authority for all these different readings named after the great Saints is Sukhar Naadi. Sukha Brahma Rishi gave life-giving predictions or prophesies for the benefit of humanity: This is referred to as Sukhar Naadi.

Sukha Brahma Rishi (Saint) lives eternally. He is considered as an aspect of Maha Vishnu. The Trinity of Gods, Brahma, Vishnu, and Sivan appeared before the Sage, who had composed the Vedas and got the esteemed name Veda Vyasa, and wanted to honour him and hence asked him as to what he wanted.

Vyasa said that others consider him as an aspect of Maha Vishnu and that he would ask for a son who would in turn be an aspect of Maha Vishnu. Maha Vishnu, who heard that, said to Vyasa, “if you conjoin with a woman on a particular auspicious hour, during Agni hotra, in a particular way I myself will be born to you with great endowments (brightness)”.

One day Vyasa saw a Gandarva woman in the form of a parrot. As he knew the future fully, he asked her whether she would agree to marry him then and there. She agreed to that but said a son would be born in the form of a parrot itself. Vyasa agreed to it. Then he churned the log used for Agni Hotra: the Energy manifesting from that fire combined with the energy of the Gandarva woman in the form of a parrot and resulted in the birth of Sukha Brahma Rishi. The birth star of Sukha, who is an aspect of Maha Vishnu, is also Tiruvonam.

Sukha Brahma Rishi was blessed with eternity; he was living in Naimisaranya forest towards the end of Dwapara Yuga (one of the four great epochs). Sage Markendeya who had come to seek his blessings, prayed to him that he should show a path to alleviate the sufferings of people in the following Kali Epoch. Accordingly, Sukha blessed the world with his Sukha Naadi. This contains details about all humans of the past, the present, and the future. It is a treasure house containing the solutions to problems besetting humanity.