Any life-naadi will have twelve cantos or divisions

The first canto is known as General Canto.

Whatever the problem be, first General Canto must be seen, and then only the relevant canto dealing with the problem must be consulted.

The naadi of an individual can be sought Based on the thumb-impression or very correctly written horoscope of an individual the nadi of him will be sought – that is General Canto. In this canto, the name of the individual, details regarding his parents, brothers, profession and the nature of different aspects of his entire life will be given briefly according to twelve bhavas (astrological bases). Details regarding the subsequent cantos are as follows:

2nd Canto: The second canto deals with the wealth, family, nature, education and eye of the individual.

3rd Canto: Will give details about brothers and sisters, the benefits that one would accrue through brethren.

4th Canto: Will deal with the individual’s mother, house plot, lands, vehicles, the pleasures to be had in life, other happy events like finding treasure trove, etc.

5th Canto: Details regarding birth and death of children, benefits that would have from them, reasons for not having children etc. are given in this canto.

6th Canto: Details regarding one’s enemies, diseases that would afflict an individual, details of entanglements in court cases, disturbances caused by enemies, and ways to solve these problems.

7th Canto: Time of an individual’s marriage, details regarding marriage, reasons for having crossed the marriage age without getting married, the direction in which one may find his/her spouse, benefits that the individual would receive etc. are given in this canto.

8th Canto: Deals with the longevity of the individual: The time up to which an individual would live, the big obstacles that would come in between, accidents etc. will be listed in this canto.

9th Canto: Will give details regarding the individual’s father, wealth, general prosperities, temples to visit, how to get suitable knowledge from a preceptor are given in this canto.

10th Canto: This canto deals with the individual’s profession, trade, art, job, general service, type of business that would bring in maximum profits, etc.

11th Canto: Deals with how profits could be maximised through different pursuits, benefits that could accrue through second marriage.

12th Canto: Deals with expenditure, how different expenses come about, details regarding the Ultimate Salvation (Moksha), place where one would be born in the next birth, manner of living, opportunities of going to foreign lands, benefits thereof, etc.

Apart from the above, there are also special cantos.

1. Shanti Canto: Place where the individual was born in the previous birth, the good and bad deeds done by the individual and the consequences enjoyed in the present birth, the problems and shortcomings faced now due the sins of the past and how to remove the same are listed in this canto.

2. Deeksha Canto: Deals with particular Mantra (Holy Utterances): Deals with the Mantra that should be prayed and worn so that the individual and the family members achieve success.

3. Aushadha (Medicines) Canto: Will deal with the medicines one should take. Suggests the type of medicine or herb for chronic diseases. Details regarding where the same could be obtained, how to partake the same, diet restrictions etc.

4. Disabhukthi Canto: Disabhukthi Canto: Will deal with astrological planetary positions, their benefits, how to avoid the effects of bad times, etc. in detail and also explain the same.

When one considers the nature of the contents from the 1st to 12th cantos, they resemble the astrological contents from Lagna to 12th house in a horoscope.

Yet in Naadi Astrology, there is a unique greatness.