Astrology is based on the science of mathematics. The individuals must undergo the benefits and adverse circumstances indicated therein. To some extent and through appropriate propitiation’s one can reduce the rigours of adverse circumstances but cannot change them altogether.

However, Naadi Astrology has been propounded by great Sages and Seers who are considered higher than even Gods due to their austerities and tapas. If one follows the propitiation prescribed by them, the individual will be able to overcome all obstacles and can change his fate as well.

Some hundreds of years ago, there was a famous astrologer in Kerala. He was a great devotee of Bhagawati, and was renowned for his astrological predictions and prophesies.

On a hot summer day, he had to go to another place. Due to severe heat, he was in search of some cool place to stay until the evening. He saw a hut in the midst of a coconut grove.

He went to the hut. A middle-aged couple welcomed him with pleasant words and treated him well. But he could see in their eyes an unknown longing. He asked them for the reason. They replied that it has been several years since they got married, yet, they were not blessed with any child.

The astrologer asked for their horoscopes, made some calculations, and learnt that they were not destined to have children. He informed them of the same accordingly and left the place with a heavy heart.

After six years, the astrologer happened to pass by the same hut of the couple and saw two children playing there. He thought that probably they had adopted these children and went inside the hut. As was done earlier, the couple greeted him with great regard and affection. The Astrologer looked at the children and asked the couple whether they had adopted these children. The couple said that the children were born to them.

When he heard this, the astrologer was about to sacrifice his life as his predictions had been proved false. However, his personal Goddess Bhagawati uttered these words: “There was nothing wrong in your calculations or predictions.

A few days after you saw their horoscopes and left the place, a great person devoted to austerities had come here. The couple treated him with great veneration and affection. That great person without even asking them understood their want, blessed them that they would soon have children. Because of his blessing, the couple had these children. There was nothing wrong in your prediction.”

The couple also confirmed the said message. Only then did the astrologer have peace of mind.

The life giving Jeeva Naadis composed by saints and seers are like the blessings of that great person. So the Jeeva Naadis or Naadi Astrologies are far superior in significance to astrology, which is solely based on mathematical calculations.

The Jeeva Naadis of such great purport disappeared in course of time. However, during Raja Raja Chola’s time, God Himself revealed about this sacred art to a person born in Valluvar Community, because of his great deeds of the past.

Prior to that the Valluvars who were practising Astrology purely based on mathematics, thereafter began to engage themselves in Naadi Astrological reading as well.