Sri Sughar Agasthiyar is a leading naadi astrology centre in heart of the city T Nagar, chennai, India. Sri Sughar Agasthiyar is an expert in naadi Astrology, having numerous appreciations and honours in that profession.

“Jodhita Ratna” Dr. Ila. Am. Karunakaran, is constantly devoting himself to spiritual and charitable affairs.He is one of the most famous successful vedic astrologer, Naadi Jyotish and palm leaf reader in India.

He have started his career in his 17th year, he went to Vaitheeswaran koil, took Sri Jayaraman as his preceptor, and learnt Naadi Astrology from him under Gurukula system for a period of six years. After completion of the training, he was reading naadi astrology with Vaitheeswarankoil as the base.

Thereafter, he carried on that profession in places like Salem and Coimbatore reading Sukhar and Aghasthyar Naadis. Currently, he is in Thiyagaraya Nagar, Chennai sharing his predictions through Naadi Astrology. He had predicted about the Emperor of Japan and it has come true as well.

The emperor of Japan was not blessed with a child and their royal spiritual preceptor Shoko approached Karunakaran, who consulted the Jeeva Naadi of the King and suggested proper propitiations. He has continuing to enrich myself with this esoteric knowledge every day.

Sri Sughar Agasthiyar providing since 23 years of services in astrologer for Marriage, Romance, Career, Love, Money, Family, Offspring, Education, Pleasure, financial, health, wealth and horoscope consultancy service, To know your previous birth and karma from your thumb impression, You can ask your questions like career, marriage, friendship, health, wealth, romance and family. We provide answer for all question as per your thumb impression with your blessings, horoscope analysis and naadi reading has become my main forte.