What is numerology? You maybe know it has to do with numbers and their meanings – but what accurately is it? Where did it come from?  Are there diverse types?

So, what is numerology?

According to numerologist in chennai numerology is the study of numbers.  It has antique origins curtailing from China, India, Egypt, Greece, and even Chaldea!  It’s been about for centuries, so there must be something to it, right?


Each letter of the alphabet corresponds to a number.  It is alleged that by “decoding” the letters of everyone’s legal name with the consistent numbers, you can divulge lots of info, such as the personality of an individual.

Why Use Numerology?

First, it’s fun.

Second, it’s helpful.

You can use numerology to discover the talents, personalities, strengths, and weaknesses off all the people in your life, counting how convinced people will “mesh” together.

For example, let’s say your oldest daughter was born on August 7, 2000.  And your second daughter was born on April 17, 2005.  Once you have educated a bit about what is numerology, you would just use their birthdays and authorized names, and hey presto!  You can better understand the relationship between your two girls based upon the cosmos!

Once you know what numerology is, you can use it to recognize the best mode to deal with someone, with your cranky teenager! Best numerologist in Chennai will help you to better understand about numerology.