The intricate knowledge of one’s life incidents was written by the sapta or seven rishis. They are Bhrigu, Angira, Vishvamitra,Agastya, Kashyapa, Atri, and Vashishta.

Nadi science is a wonder of wonders! No less than a miracle, it presents to you your entire life story manuscript by taking your thumbprint alone.

Nadi predictions can be termed even the eighth wonder. They are so accurate and precise.

Further predictions left me spell bound! Readings of my recent past were so correct that it set the stage for me to invest trust in believing my predictions about my past life and the future. A strange science, modern computer technologies and genetic engineering methods of today pale down in comparison to the nadi leaves and their prediction.”

Not all individuals would have the chance to get a nadi reading done. The rishis knew which of you would come in search of truths about your past, present and future, and had written leaves for them.

When one is undergoing turmoil in one’s life, one would naturally seek the divine’s help.  Nadi astrological predictions in Chennai is one such generous of heavenly help and can not only expose one’s karma, but also illustrate the remedies to overcome one’s negative karma.

The Seers and Their Holy Powers

The brilliance behind the nadi leaves was held by seers of the yester years that belonged to Chennai. They were so advanced in their enlightenment that they could read the future of human beings yet to arrive on this earth and they magnanimously recorded their readings on palm leaves for the welfare of humanity.

This kind of future reading powers cannot be possessed by the face-reading pundit seated with his paraphernalia under the mango tree in the village. Nadi astrology predictions in Chennai is a divine science and only persons endowed with the highest of godly powers can do it.

The miraculous powers have truly been held by the ancient seers – it is for us to pinch ourselves to see if it is all true and feel totally swept off our feet when our lifetime incidents are recited by a stranger nadi reader so very accurately!