Science of mathematics

Science of mathematics

Astrology is based on the science of mathematics. The individuals must undergo the benefits and adverse circumstances indicated therein. To some extent and through appropriate propitiation’s one can reduce the rigours of adverse circumstances but cannot change them altogether.



  • Can I continue with my studies?
  • Which studies would suit me?
  • Shall I pass my exams?
  • I am not able to concentrate on my studies. What should I do?


  • When will I get rich?
  • Which name would be luckier for me?
  • Do I have a lucky name?
  • Is my baby’s name a lucky one?
  • Which lucky stone should I wear?
  • What does my future hold for me?
  • When will I buy my dream house ?
  • When will I buy my dream car ?
  • When will my financial position improve?
  • When will my fortune change?


  • Will my health condition improve?
  • When will my health be OK?
  • What should I do to get rid of the disease I’m suffering from?


  • When will I have a baby?
  • Will I have another baby?
  • Where shall I settle down in life?
  • Will my family get united?
  • When will the problems in my family be over?


  • Will my career be successful?
  • Will I be successful in business?
  • Will my business prosper?
  • When can I start a new business?
  • Will I get a good job?
  • When will I get a good job?
  • Which profession would be ideal for me?
  • Can I continue with my present career?


  • When will I get married?
  • What is the probable year/month of my marriage?
  • Will I get married soon?
  • Will I marry the guy/girl I’m in love?
  • How long will my marriage last?


  • How long will our love last?
  • Can I trust my lover?
  • Will our love end in marriage?
  • Is my existing partner compatible?
  • Does my ex-lover still love me?